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Influence of the media in the present day

So faithful is your media, how faithful are your people!
TV, radio and especially the internet, the main means of communication used by our generation influences more than we imagine. Texts with manipulation, with controversial sense or '' drawing sardines '' for X or Y are frequent. Faced with this we have to be very attentive to what we read, hear and see on the internet: we can create fictional dogma, erroneous media influence.
Nowadays, in the fast information age, super fast connections are bombarded by information from all sides. We are in the period of humanity that produces more information: in newspapers, magazines, TV's, blog, etc. There are several means that evolution has given us, and we have to take advantage of them too much, because it has never been easier to know the news, the history, the various subjects of our interest. In the most varied internet sites, we have content focused on education, health and leisure: it has never been easier to learn and teach on the internet.
On video sites such as youtube, there are several channels and people who produce content, which live only for the production of content for the internet, such as the vlogueiros, who here in Brazil, have come to be rated opinion makers. These people have a great influence on the public: their ideas, their tastes, in short, everything that these people speak and do, for many people, is taken as absolute truth and influences opinion very much. The newscast position of a printed newspaper can often change the course of a crime, create false rumors, false guilty parties.
Behind those who produce these content, there are people interested in the public who are involved in the target audience: these people who hear, read or see the content are, in a way, submitted to ideological influence. We can cite as an example, a very recent fact, that were the demonstrations that took place in mid-June, during the confederation's cup, where the Brazilian people took to the streets to protest with excessive cats with the world cup. Television news and the internet, in general, held a position to the fact: they were pro-manifestations or against. The posture of many newspapers, seen critically by the people, in the fury of the demonstrations, were more than attentive to everything the newspapers reported. Many have even changed their minds dramatically: calling the demonstrators vandals, then changing their minds, classifying them as revolutionaries, even comparing with the movement of painted faces. From this we can get an idea, that our media is extremely manipulative.
These forms of manipulation are linked directly, most of the time, to the interests of large entrepreneurs or by political interest. Especially when it is close to the election period. We see the media influence also in the greatest national passion, football. In a recent interview, Alex, a player from Curitiba (PR), said things that simply fall like a glove, and unmasks the manipulation and also the coalition of government entities with large media groups, which in Brazil, The 2nd largest group on the planet.

In this way, it is up to us to filter the information we receive and form our own opinion. A receiver is, in a way, an information builder: in the conversations, the news spreads and takes on gigantic proportions. We do not want to be deceived by a deceived person. Having a critical census is, first of all, to be a more correct person.

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