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O ressurgir dos gigantes

foto: CBF 
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The consecration of the Brazilian team could not be in better shape: golear nothing less than No. 1 rancking FIFA and current world champion. An excellent game, that really remembered the old days!
In the temple of world football yesterday happened the grand final of the Confederations Cup and could not fail to be a classic that's been long awaited by all lovers of football: Brazil vs Spain. The selection penta world champion and reigning champions who charmed the world with his football. It was a great final!
But Spain did not have to change the selection canary, who, before the competition, had not won a selection of the world champion since 2009 and, with the arrival of coach Scolari, under certain very suspicious trodden paths, many even doubtful and much criticized by media.
The game:
Spain has not played or how many say, Brazil did not leave Spain to play. Although more possession, the Spanish team failed to convert possession into submission, when made​​, were defended by Julius Caesar or David Luiz, defender goalkeeper. The Brazil not only has a good defense, but also with great attackers! Fred, Neymar and other players like Hulk, Oscar makes the attack very fast!
The first was scored by Fred (Fluminense) in the 1st minute of play. The second goal, very technical, with Neymar out of the impediment and kicking hard at the right angle of the 44 Cassilas still the 1st time! The last to close the game, scored again for Fred, scorer of selection, at 2 min 2nd time, closing the rout canary in Spain.
                                                                         1ª parte

2ª parte

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  1. Valeu Hulk, representou muito bem a Paraíba e o Nordeste!