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The manifestation of the rights

foto: IG
In these times of great renewal of the population, especially the youth population with tremendous force internet, I've been kind of out of breath.
The events that happened that month and gained the headlines in Brazil and the world are totally legitimate. But Brazil, which pays the highest taxes in the world and only sees the money going to the state, but do not see a concrete returns on education, health, transportation ... if we were talking about the problems that would occur over a day! A drop of water as much indignation was increased passages in many capitals and metropolitan cities, affecting one huge contingent of people who use the service, but as far as we have seen in flags and placards that protesters show the cameras, it is not only twenty cents. There is mention of spending absurd for football stadiums, that eventually the cup will not have a lot of usefulness to the population that needs a lot of health.
Faced with so many things, Mrs. President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff made a statement on national television and radio to try to alleviate the crisis of government and to the spirits of the protesters, who suddenly filled the streets with more than 1 million people. Taken steps to allocate the funding of education royaltes oil at 100%, this text suffered modification Senate and House of Representatives, which will now be only 75%, the remaining 25% will be allocated to health, which also receive reinforcement of foreign doctors, according to the president.
Many also saw indignant against PEC-37, which took the power of investigation of public ministry, which recently was voted and failed with an absurd number of deputies against reflection of popular demonstrations.
What we see in Brazil is the outrage that gripped much of the population, which was a powder keg to explode pay, but there was only a spark, which was the 0.20 increase in public transport links. As many have said, and is the motto of mobilization: The giant woke up!

Congratulations to the Brazilian population, carefree people who became influential in political decisions. But it is clear that every effort will be useless to change the country next year, in the presidential elections of 2014 as we continue to vote the same people who voted in 2010.

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